ATS Glacier™ Gravity-Fed Safety Shower

ATS Safety Showers

ATS Safety Showers

  • Insulated Galvanized Steel Structure
  • Insulated Dual-Action Doors
  • UV Resistant Coating
  • Double Walled with R-12 Insulation
  • Compliant with ANSI Z358.1 (2014)
  • UL/CSA components
  • 165 mph Wind Load Capacity
  • Integrated Drain System
  • Self-Contained/Gravity-Fed Heated Water
  • Low-Temperature Dump Valve
  • 2” Manual Quick Drain Tank Valve
  • Interior LED Light
  • External LED Lights Above Doorway
  • Forklift Slots and Lifting Lugs
  • Water Temperature Gauge

1500-liter, polar gravity-fed tank safety Shower features effective insulation throughout and comes with insulated, spring-loaded doors. The doors feature windows for visual access. This safety shower is fully compliant with ANSI Z358.1 (2014)and will function in harsh winter conditions (down to -40°C/F). It is Durable, Reliable, and Cost-effective and is in use around the world, in almost every conceivable environment. This heavy duty safety shower starts with a Stainless Steel frame (304 standard, 316 available) to withstand the harshest conditions. The tank is fully insulated to ensure stable water temperatures and the panels and doors are heavily insulated to protect the accident victim from extreme cold, to provide privacy and to protect from wind. This safety shower comes with a safe and effective cubicle heater to maintain a safe cubicle temperature even in the harshest cold environments. The tank, side panels, and rear panels are made of UV-resistant GRP for long-lasting performance. The side and rear panels are riveted to the Stainless Steel to ensure superior durability. This high quality product is fitted with twin ball float valves and the ATS HCLENZ Water Treatment product will help reduce the formation of Legionella Pneumophila.


  • ATS 2-Year Slow-Release Silver Nitrate Water Treatment
  • General Purpose Alarm Strobe & Siren with Remote-capable Switches
  • C1D2 Alarm Strobe & Siren with Remote-capable Switches
  • Space Heater for Climates that have Both Cold and Hot Extremes
  • Electrical Classified C1D2/Zone 2 Gas Groups B,C, D, Temp Class T3

Technical Data:

  • Glacier™ Technical Data Sheet PDF link

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